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10 Tips for Choosing a Caregiver for An Elder

Hospice: Peace and Comfort, Not Just Medication

How to Bring Up Estate & Long-Term Care Planning with Aging Parents

Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community the Right Fit for You?

Is Medicare Advantage an Actual Advantage? 

PA Family Support Obligation Law: A Time Bomb for Adult Children?

Straight Talk for Senior Drivers: How to Approach the End of the Road

Strategies for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

The Paradox of Choice - Making a Transition to Long Term Care

When Seniors Should Consider Seeing a Geriatrician

Why Hire a Law Firm to Coordinate Care?

Are Your Important Documents Disaster Proof?

The Dangers of a DIY Power of Attorney

Don't Forget to Include Your Digital Assets in Your Estate Planning

Getting your Financial and Estate Planning Documents Organized

Guide to Writing Your Letter of Intent

Keep, Shred, or Scan: What to Do with Your Personal and Financial Records

ABLE Accounts: Empowering Special Needs Planning Tool

Adult Day Centers are Gems Hidden in Plain Sight


Aging with Special Needs and Enjoying the Golden Years

Focus on Mental Health Awareness

Preparing for Your Digital Afterlife Is Now a Thing

Thinking About a Green Burial


Life Care Planning 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Future

Navigating Aging: Top Signs Your Family Needs Elder Care Law Services

Financial Aspects of Life Care Planning and Budgeting for Long-Term Care

The Crucial Role of Estate Planning Documents in Life Care Planning


Continuum of Care: A Comprehensive Exploration

10 Heartfelt Ways to Show Appreciation for Caregivers


The Integral Role of Social Workers and Geriatric Care Managers in Elder Care

The Crucial Role of Elder Care Coordinators in Life Care Planning Law Firms

Transitions in Care: Navigating Elder Health After Hospital Discharge

Guiding Through Complexity: Revealing the Core of Care Coordination and Advocacy within Life Care Planning


Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day: Understanding the Importance of Inclusion

Finding the Way Forward: Planning After a Health Crisis

The Holistic Approach to End-of-Life Care – Integrating Life Care Planning and Palliative Care

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Families and Caregivers

The Top Elder Law Crisis Questions Answered

Addressing the Silent Crisis: Medical Gaslighting of Elders

Family Dynamics through Life Care Planning and Elder Care Law

CCRCs: Understanding and Choosing the Right Continuing Care Retirement Community

End-of-Life Decisions: Ensuring Timing That Matters

Empowering Parkinson's Patients: Navigating Legal Matters During Parkinson's Awareness Month

Navigating the Complexities of Medicaid for Nursing Home Care

Emergency Preparedness in Elder Law: Legal Strategies for Unexpected Situations

Mental Health Awareness in Elder Care: Nurturing Well-Being for Caregivers and Seniors


Honoring Military Caregivers: Bridging Elder Care and Veterans Benefits in Elder Law

Celebrating Older Americans Month: Upholding Dignity and Rights in Elder Care Law

Long Term Care: Part 1 - When It’s Needed & What Is Available?

Linda M. Anderson Named to the 2024 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers List

Long Term Care: Part 2 - Costs and Financial Planning

Long Term Care: Part 3 - Additional Planning Considerations


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