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Life Care Planning, Continuing Support

Life Care Planning, Continuing Support

Continued Assistance & Guidance

Anderson Elder Law offers continuing service beyond the initial term of a  Proactive Care Plan, Life Care Plan or Crisis Medicaid Plan. We do this by  offering comprehensive and unwavering support through our renewal  services. 


When we work with our families on matters that are so personal and so  challenging, we develop many enduring relationships with our clients. With  our renewal services, Life Care Planning clients and families can rely on us for  updated legal advice, thorough care coordination, steadfast advocacy, and any other assistance required to navigate the complexities of elder care and  Medicaid planning. Our Crisis Medicaid Planning clients may need more  limited support for advocacy and Medicaid redeterminations (to maintain  eligibility). So, we offer continued holistic supportive legal services. 

Families are assured that our renewal fee is substantially less than the first year of legal services. Despite the reduced fee, the level of continued support and  dedication we provide remains the same. We believe that ongoing support  should be accessible and affordable for families, enabling them to maintain  the same high level of guidance and assistance throughout their journey. 

With our continued presence and commitment, families can confidently face  the future, knowing they have a reliable source of assistance and peace of  mind, all at a more affordable cost. 

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“It is comforting to know that we are in the expert hands in the area of special needs trusts and related matters. We feel that the needs of our family are understood, protected, and given the upmost respect”

Karen R. (Special Needs Planning)


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