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Elder woman and her caretaker

Elder Care Coordination & Advocacy

Holistic support, expertise, advocacy.

Elder Care Coordinators as
Team Members.

Our Elder Care Coordinators are essential members of the Anderson Elder Law team, offering a  comprehensive approach to support older adults and their families. Integrating legal services  with care coordination, we provide holistic assistance across various aspects of well-being. With  expertise in aging-related legal matters, our Elder Care Coordinators and experienced attorneys  guide families through long-term care planning, asset protection, and estate planning.  Advocating for rights and preferences, we help make informed decisions. Whether through crisis  planning, life care planning, or proactive measures, our Elder Care Coordinators within the  Anderson Elder Law team ensure peace of mind and improved quality of life for elders and  those with disabilities.

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We have great Certified Elder Care Coordinators.

Our Elder Care Coordinator possess qualities and skills essential for supporting our clients and  their families. Key characteristics we look for include empathy, strong communication,  knowledge, problem-solving, organization, and advocacy. 

A great Elder Care Coordinator demonstrates genuine empathy and compassion, understanding  the challenges of aging and caregiving. They possess strong communication skills, actively  listening and effectively conveying information while advocating on behalf of their clients. Their  extensive knowledge encompasses geriatric care, aging-related issues, and the complex  healthcare system. They stay updated on relevant laws and resources, providing accurate and  up-to-date support. 

They are resourceful problem-solvers, finding tailored solutions for the unique needs of older  adults. Their organization and time management skills enable them to handle paperwork,  appointments, and logistics efficiently. Certified Elder Care Coordinators serve as an advocate,  ensuring the rights, wishes, and preferences of their clients are respected. They navigate  complex systems and provide emotional support throughout the care journey. 

Our holistic legal services would not be the same without our exceptional Certified Elder Care  Coordinators.

Certified Elder Care Coordinators
“From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel comfortable. The team immediately put my mind at ease during an extremely difficult time and helped me negotiate an overwhelming process. Any question I had was answered quickly. They put me in contact with other professionals I would need to complete the process of finding safe long term care for my mother”

Dori B.


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