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Long Term Care

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

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Anderson Elder Law provides comprehensive estate planning services designed to allow you and  your family to maximize your opportunities, protect everyone and everything that matters, and  allows you and future beneficiaries to make significant immediate and future impacts on your life  and your beneficiaries. With a focus on maximizing the value and distribution of assets, our  experienced team assists clients in creating personalized plans that align with their unique goals  and wishes. We ensure that their wealth is protected from potential risks and unnecessary taxation,  employing various strategies to safeguard their assets for future generations. By implementing  effective wealth transfer techniques, we enable our clients to thrive by preserving their legacy and  providing for their loved ones. With our expertise and tailored approach, Anderson Elder Law  empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of estate planning, securing their financial well being and ensuring a lasting impact. 

Our Expertise In Action

Your Service Types:

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Elder Law & Life Care Planning

Special Needs Planning

Specific Issues to Consider:

  • Estate Planning with large, qualified accounts

  • Asset Protection Planning

  • Second Home Planning

  • Estate Planning for LGBTQ+

  • Young Adults

  • Snowbirds

  • Pet Trusts

  • Blended & Unblended Families

  • Fiduciary Services (Are you a POA?)

  • Unmarried Couples

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