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Anderson Elder Law Team

Meet Our Team

Skilled and Compassionate

Our comprehensive approach involves a team of professionals working together to support you. Allow us to introduce our experienced team who will ensure that your planning is handled with expertise and skill. With our team by your side, you can feel confident in the comprehensive services we provide.

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Rebecca Dinucci, ESQ

Associate Attorney


Denise M. Cordes, ESQ. LLM

Associate Attorney

Michelle Russo

Michelle Russo

Certified Elder Care Coordinator

Kim Gizzio

Kim Gizzio

Certified Elder Care Coordinator

Jackie Realmonte

Jackie Realmonte

Estate Planning Drafting Coordinator

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Linda Lawson


15027-Cindy Graul - Anderson Elder Law - Headshot.jpg

Cindy Graul

Community Outreach Coordinator

15027-Ali Pozielli - Anderson Elder Law - Headshot.jpg

Ali Pozielli

Marketing Manager

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Office Dog

Anderson Elder Law

Enhanced Support For Your
UniQue Legal Needs

Unlock the power of our team's expertise. With two Certified Elder Law Attorneys and other talented attorneys, we combine legal experience with compassion. In addition, our team  includes two Elder Care Coordinators and paralegals, many of whom are also credentialed  professionals, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. Get to know us  and experience the difference we can make in your life.

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