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Veterans Benefits Planning

You Deserve Your Benefits.

You Deserve Your Veterans Benefits – Aid & Attendance

Aid & Attendance is a tax-free monthly payment available to eligible veterans and  surviving spouses. It aims to assist individuals with unreimbursed medical expenses and  disabilities requiring the "Aid & Attendance" of another person. This benefit can be  utilized at various stages of care, even extending to family members serving as  caregivers.


Despite the significance of Aid & Attendance benefits, a substantial number of eligible  veterans fail to apply. Rough estimates suggest that only about a quarter of those who  qualify actually receive these benefits. Several factors contribute to this underutilization,  including lack of awareness, the complex application process, assumptions of  ineligibility, and insufficient support in navigating the VA system. 

It is important to recognize that seeking financial assistance through these benefits is  not a sign of weakness or dependency, but rather a well-deserved recognition for the  dedicated service provided by our wartime veterans.

Veteran's Benefits, Anderson Elder Law
Veteran's Benefits Attorney, Anderson Elder Law

Qualifying for Aid & Attendance

Qualifying for Aid and Attendance benefits requires meeting specific criteria set by the  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans must have served during a recognized  wartime period for at least 90 days, and they should have a medical condition that  necessitates regular aid and attendance for daily activities. The VA also considers  income, assets, and recurring medical expenses when determining eligibility.  Demonstrating a need for care, whether through assistance at home or residing in a  care facility, is crucial.

In October 2018, the VA implemented changes to Aid and Attendance rules, introducing  transfer penalties and a 36-month look-back period. These changes impact eligibility  and necessitate careful planning for proper timing of applications. By strategically  managing the timing of applications Anderson Elder Law can optimize a Veterans chance of accessing this vital financial support to meet their long-term care needs  effectively.

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