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Anderson Elder Law Fees

Our Fees

Transparent and Budget-Friendly Options.

We understand that the services we offer vary in complexity and scope, which is why we  provide a range of fees to accommodate different needs. Our commitment to delivering  exceptional service and value remains unwavering. We strive to offer levels of service that  align with your specific requirements and budget, ensuring you receive the best possible  value.


When it comes to legal fees, we employ a flat fee structure for our Estate Planning, Special  Needs Planning, Elder Law, and Estate Settlement services. This pricing model allows you  to plan and budget for attorney fees without concerns about hourly rates accumulating  with each interaction. We firmly believe that this approach provides our clients with peace  of mind and financial predictability. 

For Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer Planning, we offer 3 tiers of Estate Planning  Service (Foundation, Comprehensive & Custom) so that you can choose your own fee  based on your selection of planning options. Our process is designed to help educate  you quickly so that you can make informed decisions that align with your circumstances  and goals.  

For Elder Law & Life Care Planning, our fees are often recovered through the substantial  savings we help you achieve in long-term care costs. By leveraging our expertise and  implementing effective strategies related to Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, and Medicare cost  savings, we aim to offset the cost of our services.  

For Special Needs Planning, we believe that special needs planning should be accessible to  everyone, regardless of their budget or circumstances. Our team specializes in creating safety net  special needs plans that are customized to meet your specific needs and financial situation. We  are committed to providing comprehensive support and resources for your loved one with special  needs while considering your budgetary constraints.

For Estate & Trust Administration Services, we work to avoid uncertainty and unpredictability  so that not only you as the executor or trustee, but the beneficiaries as well have a clear  understanding of the costs involved upfront. Many times, our legal fees are much less than those  allowed by the Johnson Fee Schedule (accepted by the Department of Revenue). 

For our Estate Planning & Special Needs Planning, we can offer payment plans (no interest) and  we accept credit cards. 

Tailored to Your Situation. Competitive Pricing. Exceptional Quality.


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