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Elder Law &
Life Care Planning

Worried about finding and paying for long-term care? 

Empower. Protect. Plan.

Secure Your Future with Life Care Planning.

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With our commitment to empowerment, protection, and planning, Anderson Elder Law  is dedicated to helping families facing elder law challenges overcome obstacles and  achieve a sense of control and stability in challenging times. 

Empower: At Anderson Elder Law, we empower families facing elder law crises by  providing them with comprehensive legal guidance and support. We believe in  empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed  decisions about their loved ones' well-being and future. 

Protect: Our dedicated team at Anderson Elder Law is committed to protecting the  rights and interests of our clients and their families. We work tirelessly to safeguard their assets, ensure access to quality care, and protect their legacies. Through meticulous  planning and strategic legal solutions, we strive to create a secure and protected future  for our clients.


Plan: Planning is at the core of what we do. We assist families in developing  personalized and effective Life Care Plans that address their unique needs and goals.  Within your Life Care Plans, our experienced attorneys work closely with clients to  navigate complex legal processes, such as estate planning, care coordination and asset  protection planning. By creating tailored plans, we help families achieve peace of mind  and confidence in their loved ones' care and financial security.

Our Expertise In Action

Your Service Types:

Elder Law & Life Care Planning

Crisis Medicaid Planning

Veteran's Benefits Planning

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Medicare Optimization

Elder Care Coordination & Advocacy

Life Care Planning,

Continued Support

Specific Issues to Consider:

  • Life Care Planning

  • Proactive Life Care Planning

  • Crisis Medicaid Planning

  • VA Aid & Attendance Benefit

  • Newly Diagnosed

  • Solo Seniors

  • Recent Health Crisis

  • Long-Distance Caregiving

  • Medicaid Applications & Redeterminations

  • Imminent Hospital Discharge

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