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Anderson Elder Law, Delaware Valley, PA

Transparent and Budget-Friendly Options.

About Anderson Elder Law

Empowering Families. Navigating Transitions. Excellence.


The Whole is greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Comprised of skilled women, our team of professionals and attorneys collaborate with a shared commitment and personalized  goals for every client. We prioritize efficiency and thoroughness, using cutting-edge technology  to enhance our legal services while providing personal attention. Linda M. Anderson, the Founder of  Anderson Elder Law, started her journey in elder law, estate planning, and special needs planning  in 1987. In 2004, she established Anderson Elder Law with a commitment to strive to meet each  client’s goals for self-determination and dignity.


Our philosophy centers around identifying  clients' care needs and crafting our plans. We are a member of the Life Care Planning Law Firm  Association and have a team of professionals dedicated to serving clients in the Delaware Valley  of Pennsylvania. We are here to guide and advocate for you and your loved ones, providing  tailored solutions based on your unique circumstances.

Anderson Elder Law, Best Elder Law Attorney, Delaware Valley, PA

What Makes Us Different

Anderson Elder Law is a charter member of the Life Care Planning Law Firm Association (LCPLFA)  founded by Tim Takacs, an esteemed Certified Elder Law Attorney who recognized that our Elder  Law had to include a focus on care if we were to be successful. So, like all Life Care Planning  firms, our commitment is to approach elder law matters by enlisting our Elder Care Coordinators  with diverse backgrounds, who provide invaluable support. We leverage this holistic approach to  gain a comprehensive understanding of care options and available resources, such as unpaid  caregiving, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Benefits. Family caregivers and precious resources. 

Although a charter member of the LCPLFA, it wasn’t until the pandemic that Linda Anderson, the  founder of the firm recognized that it was necessary to expand our team of Elder Care Coordinators (ECC’s). By adding even more depth and integration of our ECCs during the  pandemic did she come to understand the true power of Life Care Planning. 

Our Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA’s) not only possesses expertise in the field of elder law,  estate planning and special needs planning, but also holds leadership positions at the county,  state, and national levels, actively working to shape public policy in the realm of aging &  disability. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to utilize our knowledge and skills for the  betterment of our community. 

All of our professional team members bring extensive experience in the field of aging, with  many years dedicated to excellence even before coming to Anderson Elder Law. 


Let's Work Together.

Experience what sets us apart from the rest. Contact Anderson Elder Law today and embark on  the journey of Doing What Matters. Take the first step by reaching out to us  to schedule a confidential consultation. Our dedicated team is eager to guide  you with unwavering expertise and compassionate support.

Anderson Edler Law
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