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Crisis Medicaid Planning

Our Safety Net for Long-Term Care

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid, a government-funded healthcare program administered jointly by the federal and  state governments, acts as a crucial safety net for the middle and upper-middle class,  particularly when it comes to covering long-term care expenses. Many individuals mistakenly  assume that Medicare will fully cover their long-term care needs, only to discover its limitations  during a crisis. In reality, Medicaid plays a vital role in providing support to those with chronic  illnesses requiring long-term care. While some may believe that Medicaid should be limited to  the poorest individuals, it actually includes important protections for individuals in need of  healthcare for chronic conditions or custodial care. This recognition has led to the emergence of  Crisis Medicaid Planning, which resembles the financial planning strategies utilized by the  wealthy but focuses on directly benefiting those with illnesses, their spouses, and, in certain  cases, their families. 

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What is Crisis Medicaid Planning?

Anderson Elder Law provides an essential service through their expertise in Crisis Medicaid Planning. This planning attempts to strike a balance between personal responsibility for one’s care and asset protection for your home, your spouse and other family members who may be dependent on you. Each case is unique, and we assess each client’s financial and care situation to develop a personalized plan that focuses not only the things that are prohibited under Medicaid, but the opportunities that are permitted.  

Contrary to common misconceptions, Medicaid offers crucial protections not limited to the most financially disadvantaged individuals. Applicants, spouses, and certain family members benefit from safeguards such as exemptions for the family home, considerations for spousal asset and income needs, and exceptions to look-back periods, transfer penalties, and estate recovery.  While Crisis Medicaid Planning may involve intricate complexities, it serves as a crucial safety net for those grappling with chronic illnesses and the exorbitant costs of long-term care. 

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