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At Anderson Elder Law, Special Needs Planning extends far beyond the creation of a trust.  

Our approach is holistic and considers the unique circumstances of each individual and their  family. We understand the importance of establishing a comprehensive safety net for a special  needs child or preserving vital public benefits for disabled or injured individuals. With a focus on  protection, we meticulously navigate the complex landscape of government programs and  regulations to ensure our clients can access the necessary support and resources. Through our  expertise and strategic planning, we empower families to make informed decisions that secure  the immediate and long-term well-being of their loved ones with special needs. 

Our Expertise In Action

Your Service Types:

Special Needs

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Specific Issues to Consider:

  • Elders with Special Needs Children

  • Mental Health Trust Planning

  • Public Benefits Planning

  • Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust

  • ABLE Accounts

  • Pooled Trust

  • Personal Injury Settlement Planning

  • Special Needs Guardianships

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