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Anderson Elder Law's Estate and Trust Administration services embody the core principles of being Compassionate, Efficient, and Strategic.


We understand that administering trusts and estates is a delicate and emotional process that  occurs during times of loss. With compassion at the forefront, we provide empathetic support to  families, guiding them through the complexities of estate administration with sensitivity and  care. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that the process is streamlined, minimizing any  unnecessary delays or burdens. We also bring a strategic approach to estate and trust  administration, leveraging our expertise to devise innovative solutions that maximize income  and death tax savings. By combining compassion, efficiency, and strategic thinking, Anderson  Elder Law offers unparalleled support to families during this challenging time, providing peace  of mind and honoring their loved ones' legacies. 

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Your Service Types:

Estate & Trust Administration | Probate

Special Needs

Specific Issues to Consider:

  • Executor of Estate or Trustee

  • Revocable Trustee

  • Expedited Estate Requests

  • Estates with Charitable Gifts

  • Estates with complex assets

  • Ancillary Estate Administrations

  • Estates with Special Needs Beneficiaries

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