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15027-Alysha Williams - Anderson Elder Law - Headshot.jpg

Alysha williams

Legal Administrative Assistant

Alysha Williams serves as the Legal Administrative Assistant at Anderson Elder Law, where she serves as the point of contact for prospective and existing clients. In her multifaceted position, Alysha takes on a crucial supportive role across various departments, contributing her expertise to streamline document collection processes and address client questions. 

As a Certified Notary Public, Alysha brings a meticulous approach to her responsibilities. What excites her most about her work is the opportunity to learn something new each day. Alysha finds immense satisfaction in being part of a team at Anderson Elder Law that genuinely helps people to their fullest capacity. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring her passions for traveling, attending concerts, engaging in volunteer activities, and delving into a good read.

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