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Planning After a Scary Diagnosis

Receiving a scary diagnosis can feel like stepping into the unknown, filled with uncertainty and fear. However, we want to reassure you that amidst the chaos, there will be a new normal. At Anderson Elder Law, our mission is to guide you through this transition with compassion and expertise.

One of our primary goals is to ensure that your self-determination and careful stewardship of your assets and resources are protected. We understand the importance of maintaining control over your life and finances, especially during challenging times. Our team is dedicated to leveraging every appropriate public benefit available to support you on your journey.

It's essential to recognize that a scary diagnosis doesn't always signify an immediate cliff's edge. More often than not, it involves a slow progression, allowing time for proactive planning and decision-making. Our proactive planning approach, guided by our experienced Elder Care coordinators, empowers you with the knowledge and tools to navigate this journey with confidence.

We believe in empowering our clients to advocate for themselves and make informed healthcare decisions. Through education and support, we equip you with the resources needed to understand your options and assert your preferences effectively. From exploring treatment alternatives to discussing end-of-life care, we're here to ensure your voice is heard.

Surrogate decision-making is a critical aspect of planning for the future. Our team addresses this early on, helping you identify and train your decision maker to align with your goals and values. By transferring institutional knowledge and outlining your preferences, we ensure that your financial resources support your plan as it evolves.

No matter where you are in your journey, it's never too early or too late to start planning. Great planning leads to great results, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Whether you're facing a recent diagnosis or proactively preparing for the future, we're committed to providing personalized guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

When you find yourself overwhelmed, it can be challenging to determine where to begin. The key is to focus on doing what really matters most. To help you get started, we have broken down the process of reaching out to us and then completing your legal work into manageable steps, providing guidance every step of the way. 

Get started by filling out our form and a Customer Service Coordinator will contact you.

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