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Life Care Planning at Anderson Elder Law

Life Care Planning is Elder Law Done Right!

Life Care Planning represents the pinnacle of excellence in elder law. It is a comprehensive and holistic approach that addresses the diverse needs and challenges faced by seniors and their families when they face long-term care needs and costs.


By combining legal expertise, care coordination, and financial planning, Life Care Planning ensures that older adults receive the best possible care while safeguarding their quality of life. This proactive and individualized approach goes beyond traditional elder law practices and requires us to consider the challenging goal of finding and then paying for the highest quality  care in the least restrictive setting.  


With its focus on personalized care, asset protection, advocacy, and future planning, Life Care Planning sets the gold standard for Anderson Elder Law and other firm members of the Life Care Planning Law Firm Association.  


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The Continuum of Care is an important teaching tool to explain Life Care Planning.

The Continuum of Care depicts the progression of an illness or care needs, highlighting available  sources of care and the increasing costs associated with each level. It helps families understand  the challenges and complexities of Life Care Planning. 

Losing the ability to function independently means increasing need for support, which results in  higher and higher long-term care expenses. Clients come to Anderson Elder Law not only to  protect their assets from long-term care costs, but more importantly to obtain help to take care  of themselves or loved ones. We share their goal of obtaining the highest quality care in the  least restrictive setting AND finding out how to pay for this care by utilizing all available safety  nets and resources.

The Elder Care Contiuum, Life Care Planning, Long-Term Care Planning Attorney
“From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel comfortable. The team immediately put my mind at ease during an extremely difficult time and helped me negotiate an overwhelming process. Any question I had was answered quickly. They put me in contact with other professionals I would need to complete the process of finding safe long term care for my mother”

Dori B.


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