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Anderson Elder Law is a Delaware Valley PA area elder law agency helping with elder law planning, estate planning, wills, trusts, special needs planning and more.

Planning makes a difference.

Elder Law | Estate Planning | Special Needs planning

Don't underestimate the importance of planning for the future.

Do what matters.

Every passing moment is an opportunity to make a difference and protect what matters. By  taking action to prioritize what truly matters to you, you prevent unnecessary complications,  minimize potential conflicts, and ensure that your future reflects your planning. Not knowing  where to start can be hard. That’s why the team of Anderson Elder Law starts with clarifying your  goals and concerns, crafts a tailored plan and helps set priorities, and then walks with you every  step of the way to Do What Matters.

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Power of Attorney Package

For Young Adults & Students

As your child embarks on their journey into adulthood, it's crucial to ensure they are protected in every aspect of their life. Our comprehensive Power of Attorney package for young adults and students is designed to provide peace of mind for both parents and their children.

This package includes essential legal documents that enable parents to make critical medical and financial decisions on behalf of their child in case of emergencies. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring that these important documents are in place before your child heads off to college.

When Planning:
Do What Matters For You.

We specialize in four types of elder law, estate planning, and estate administration services. Our strength lies in quickly assessing our  clients' goals and concerns and initiating an efficient planning process that is impactful and comprehensive. 

How Can We Help?

Elder Law &
Life Care Planning

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Special Needs Planning

Estate & Trust Administration | Probate

Ready to take control of your Long-Term Care journey? Discover how our experienced elder law team can protect everything that matters to you  most.

Ready for impactful estate planning? Our 3-dimensional planning proactively protects you, your family, and

your legacy. 

Ready to secure the future of your special needs family member? We do more than just draft trusts; we help build safety nets.

No one is ever ready to serve as a Personal Representative for an Estate or Trust. We provide support and expertise to move you quickly through this challenging time.

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Anderson Elder Law

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Clients Moved Down the Continuum of Care
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Successful Medicaid Planning Applications


Families served in Delaware Valley (PA) For 36 Years


Why choose Anderson Elder Law As Your Law Firm?

Welcome to Anderson Elder Law, your trusted legal partner specializing in elder law  matters, estate planning and special needs planning matters. If you or your loved one needs assistance in these intricate legal areas or any other elder law concerns, we're here to support you through the complex legal landscape. At Anderson Elder Law, we offer more than just legal advice – we provide comprehensive resources, personalized guidance, and unwavering support. Here's why you should choose us as your trusted law firm:

Dedicated Team
of Professionals:

At Anderson Elder Law, we have  assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who  are passionate about their work. Our team members are committed to  providing exceptional service and treating your legal matters with the  utmost urgency and attention to detail. 

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Needs:

Our team has  extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of elder law. Even if you  are unsure about your specific needs or goals, our professionals have  the ability to guide you in the right direction. We take the time to  understand your unique circumstances and develop tailored strategies  to meet your objectives effectively. 

Support Throughout the Process: 

Our carefully designed process  ensures that you receive comprehensive support from start to finish. We  will be with you every step of the way, providing guidance, answering  your questions, and addressing any concerns that may arise. Our  commitment to supporting you throughout the process brings peace of  mind and reassurance. 

Strong Provider Relationships:

We have established solid relationships  with various providers across the continuum of care. This allows us to  leverage the expertise and abilities of professionals who can contribute  to your overall well-being. By collaborating with trusted providers, we  ensure that all aspects of your care are addressed with the highest level  of expertise.

Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Client Experience: 

We embrace  technology to enhance our client experience. Through the utilization of  advanced tools and systems, we streamline processes, improve  communication, and provide efficient access to information. This high tech approach allows us to deliver a high-touch experience, combining  the best of both worlds for your convenience and satisfaction. 

In-House Collaborative Specialists: 

Our firm boasts a cohesive and  collaborative team of specialists who work together seamlessly. With  various areas of expertise under one roof, we can provide  

comprehensive solutions to your legal needs. Our in-house  

collaboration ensures that you benefit from a true team approach,  receiving well-rounded advice and support.

Contact us today to experience the exceptional service we offer.

“It is comforting to know that we are in the expert hands in the area of special needs trusts and related matters. We feel that the needs of our family are understood, protected, and given the upmost respect”

Karen R. (Special Needs Planning)


Our firm specializes in four distinct types of elder law, estate planning, and estate administration services. Within each of these service  types, we offer even more specialized planning options, each with its own unique process and area of expertise. For example, our  estate planning services encompass a range of areas, such as irrevocable trust planning and assisting agents under Powers of  Attorney with surrogate decision-making. Additionally, our special needs planning may involve the careful coordination of qualified  accounts to a special needs trust or the careful selection of a corporate trustee. Furthermore, our estate administration services may  include sophisticated post-mortem planning for death and income taxes, or elective share calculations within our elder law planning.  We understand the intricacies of these areas and are equipped to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet your specific  needs. 

Elder Law &
Life Care Planning

Crisis Medicaid Planning

Elder Care Coordination & Advocacy

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Veteran's Benefits Planning

Estate & Trust Administration | Probate

Special Needs

Medicare Optimization

Life Care Planning, Continued Support

Anderson Elder Law, Delaware Valley PA

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