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Our Approach

At Anderson Elder Law we are able to serve anyone in the State of Pennsylvania. We are proud of our team, along with our customized approach to full-service estate planning and elder law. You are important to us – regardless of what level of wealth or complexity you bring with you. 

Whether you are planning for the future, facing an immediate crisis, or dealing with special circumstances we are able and ready to meet you where you are. We know this process can be overwhelming – and even scary. When you work with Anderson Elder Law you know that you have a whole team of experts going to work for you. 

Estate Planning – Step By Step

During your first phone call with our office, your Client Services Coordinator will determine whether you have a current crisis – and if so take immediate action to fast-track your support. If you are planning more proactively, then she will review the fees for your initial consultation and help you start the process. 

Step One: Initial Consultation (Virtual)

Your Initial Consultation is an important conversation. This is your time to outline your goals and priorities for us. We want to give you the best information we can, and for that, we need your help! We will send you a short Intake form prior to your consultation along with your Welcome Kit.

Gather Key Documents

Any items that you need to deliver to us for the initial consultation can be delivered to us by using a client portal that we will set up for you (and help you use).  Don’t worry, our intake forms and clear instructions take the guesswork out of this process so you can come to the table confidently. 

Receive General Recommendations

At the initial consultation, we provide our general recommendations to you and a free quote for the services we will be providing to you. We provide services to every level of wealth and complexity. 

In other words – we have a plan for YOU! Our recommendations will be provided to you with a Fee Agreement which can be signed (electronically) at the meeting or taken for review and signature. Once retained, we also set our deadlines for the documents to be delivered, our review call, and our signing appointment.

Virtual and In-Person Options Available

Anderson Elder Law has continued to provide virtual appointments as a convenience to our clients and we continue to serve our clients on a full-time remote basis. For those clients who are in facilities or are homebound, we are returning to in-person appointments as conditions permit. 

Step Two: Drafts Delivered & Review Call (Virtual)

After our initial consultation, we will draft your complete and personalized estate plan that reflects your goals and priorities. As part of our full-service estate planning, we will deliver your drafted documents to your client portal. We review every document with a ZOOM call so you can see magnified images of each document while we review in real-time.

Step Three: Implement Your Plan 

We really do mean full-service estate planning! Your signing appointment at our office will be a convenient drive-up process where you do not even leave your car! You will leave with your original documents in hand. Electronic copies will also be delivered by the client portal with any specific recommendations summarized for you.

For those that require more sophisticated Estate Planning Services than these Foundational Estate Planning documents and processes that are outlined above, please call our office and explain your needs. We are always happy to customize our services further so you get everything taken care of smoothly. 

Types of clients or services include:

Multidisciplinary Estate Planning Team

At Anderson Elder Law, you work with more than only your estate planning attorney. Because we have created a multidisciplinary life and estate planning team, you are able to get comprehensive services. 

Beyond only planning for your death, we will help you achieve your best life. You can feel confident that our full-service estate planning recommendations take into consideration tax law, legal terms, assets, and also your short and long-term care needs. 

Elder Care Coordinator

Your Elder Care Coordinator is the main point of contact for the family in assisting coordination of long-term care services. As you begin your journey through the long-term care process, it helps to have a supportive and knowledgeable advocate on your side.

An Elder Care Coordinator provides services, education, and advocacy, including, but not limited to:

Our Elder Care Coordinator will guide and direct you to which options are best for you. One of our team members is also a social worker.

Certified Elder Law Attorney

Our team includes attorneys that are Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELAs).  Under the State Supreme Court Rules of Pennsylvania, unless a lawyer is certified in elder law, they are not permitted to hold themselves out as an expert in Elder Law. NELF, the National Elder Law Foundation, is the only national organization certifying lawyers of elder and special needs law in the country. See for more information on the rigorous requirements to become a CELA.

For most people, contacting any lawyer may seem like a daunting and scary task. But, contacting a CELA (Certified Elder Law Attorney) at Anderson Elder Law can actually make a difficult process easier.  

Planning for one’s long-term care can be very rewarding, creating peace of mind by knowing that regardless of what happens, there’s a plan in place. Not only that, your CELA will be with you every step of the way.

Are You in a Crisis NOW?

We always recommend planning ahead when you can. But things happen – often when we least expect them. No matter what stage you are in, including during a crisis, we are here to help. 

When you are in crisis it is even more important that you have a full team working on your behalf. This is because decisions and actions are more time-sensitive and require a greater depth and breadth of resources and expertise. 

If you are in crisis, please reach out to us and we will schedule a crisis evaluation call right away. 

Let’s talk. Schedule a call.

Schedule a free initial phone call with one of our service coordinators so we can determine how to best help you!

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