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Veterans Aid Benefits and Pensions in Estate Planning

If you are a Veteran – thank you for your service. And if you are a spouse or widow, thank you for your important supporting role. 

Because of your (or your spouse’s) service, you may be eligible for important benefits that you should take into consideration when you are creating your estate plan and long-term care plan. Too often Veterans and their families miss out on benefits because of all the complicated legal language and forms. 

Are You An Eligible Beneficiary of Veteran’s Benefits? 

The rules around what types of benefits are available and how to access them are changing all the time. However, the eligibility requirements include: 

If you are not sure which benefits are applicable to you, our team can help. Our experience makes the process of applying for benefits easier. 

What Benefits Can I Get?

The rules determining what types of benefits are available and how to access them are changing all the time. For estate planning purposes the key benefits to be aware of are: 

How Can Anderson Elder Law Help?

If you are a wartime Veteran (or Surviving Spouse or of a wartime Veteran) you deserve care. In some cases, your income is being consumed unnecessarily by un-reimbursed medical expenses or care. It may be possible for us to plan for you to become eligible to receive the Aid & Attendance Pension. This may provide for support at home or at other points along the continuum of care.

It is vital to integrate any planning that you undertake for the Aid & Attendance Pension with your overall long-term care planning to ensure that your eligibility for future Medicaid benefits is NOT jeopardized.

Linda Anderson is accredited through the Veterans Administration to provide legal assistance to Veterans in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for benefits. Our knowledgeable staff will help you navigate the entire process so that you can get the care you need, as well as the Aid & Attendance Improved Pension to which you are entitled.

Right now many Veterans and their families are not getting the full benefits that their service has earned them. We value and appreciate your service and want to make sure that you receive every benefit possible for you – and your family. 

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