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Sandie Zionkowski

Public Benefits Paralegal 1

Sandie has 35 years of experience and is a seasoned Public Benefits Paralegal specializing in Long Term Care, Waiver, and Public Assistance benefits. She has demonstrated leadership as both Supervisor and Manager within the Department of Human Services.

Sandie's deep commitment to elder care is further evidenced by her extensive education and certifications. She is a Certified Paralegal through Penn State University and holds certifications in areas ranging from FEMA and CPR to CPI Dementia Capable Care and Direct Care Work. Sandie is also a Duncan Certified Ceramic Teacher with over 30 years of experience.


Beyond her professional life, Sandie is actively involved in her community as a member of the Wyalusing Presbyterian Church and the Eastern Bradford Rod and Gun Club, and she previously participated in the American Bowling Association. Her dedication to helping clients achieve their Long-Term Care goals is matched by her passion for making people feel cared for and important.


In her personal life, Sandie is a devoted mother to Jared and Bryn. Sandie teaches ceramic classes, enjoys painting, and spends summers at her family's permanent campsite. She is an enthusiastic gardener and finds joy in caring for her daughter’s rescue animals and relaxing by their Koi Pond.


A self-proclaimed Dunkin' aficionado, Sandie never misses a chance to grab a large unsweetened iced tea, much to her family’s amusement. Her love for Red Lobster is just as strong, making every dining experience there a cherished one.


Sandie's blend of professional expertise and personal warmth makes her a valued caregiver and educator in elder law and public benefits, ensuring that every client feels respected and valued.

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