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How to Start the
​Special Needs Planning Process

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The 15 Essential Questions to Get You Started

  1. Who will be the primary caregiver for my child after I am gone?

  2. What financial resources will be needed to provide for my child's care throughout their lifetime?

  3. What government benefits is my child currently receiving, and how can I structure my estate plan to ensure they continue to receive those benefits?

  4. How can I ensure that my child's inheritance does not disqualify them from receiving government benefits?

  5. Should I create a special needs trust to manage and protect my child's inheritance?

  6. Who will be the trustee of the special needs trust, and how will they be selected?

  7. How will funds from the special needs trust be used for my child's benefit?

  8. What instructions should I leave for the trustee regarding the use of the trust funds?

  9. How can I ensure that the trustee will act in the best interests of my child?

  10. Should I appoint a guardian for my child in case both parents pass away?

  11. How can I ensure that the guardian has the financial resources to provide for my child's care?

  12. How can I ensure that my child's medical needs will be met after I am gone?

  13. Should I create a letter of intent outlining my wishes for my child's care?

  14. How can I ensure that my child's siblings are treated fairly in my estate plan?

  15. How can I ensure that my child's medical and financial decisions will be made according to my wishes after I am gone?

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Special Needs Resources

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Special Needs Alliance Resources

Members of the SNA are recognized nationally as leaders in special needs planning. Linda M. Anderson, CELA has been a member of the Special Needs Alliance since 2008. 

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