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10 Difficult Estate Planning Decisions to Make Now

  1. Who will serve as my executor, trustee, or guardian for my minor or disabled children?

  2. Should I create a trust for your beneficiaries, and if so, what type of trust is best suited for my situation?

  3. How do I divide your assets fairly among my beneficiaries, particularly if they have different financial needs or have different relationships with me?

  4. Should I include a no-contest clause in my estate plan to prevent any legal challenges to my will or trust?

  5. How do I address any conflicts between my children or other family members when making my estate plan?

  6. Should you make any gifts to charity or create a charitable foundation as part of my estate plan?

  7. How do I plan for incapacity, such as by creating a durable power of attorney or healthcare directive?

  8. Should I purchase long-term care insurance or explore other options for funding potential long-term care needs?

  9. How do I address any digital assets, such as online bank accounts or social media profiles, in my estate plan?

  10. Should I make any plans for my funeral or final arrangements, and if so, how do I communicate my wishes to my loved ones?

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​ACTEC- The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) is a professional organization of attorneys who have been elected as ACTEC fellows who have demonstrated excellence in the practice of trust and estates law.


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