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How to Start the
Estate & Trust
Administration Process

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The 15 Essential Questions to Get You Started

  1. Do I need to probate the Will? What if there is no Will, or we can’t find it?

  2. Do I really need to file an inheritance tax return?

  3. Who pays the inheritance tax and debts and administrative costs?

  4. What is “Post-Mortem” estate planning for tax savings?

  5. How do you ensure that all beneficiaries are treated fairly, and their interests are protected?

  6. What are the tax implications of the estate or trust, and how can I minimize the tax burden on the beneficiaries?

  7. How will I manage any real estate or business interests held by the estate or trust?

  8. What should I do in managing the assets of the estate?

  9. How should I manage any outstanding debts or liabilities of the estate or trust?

  10. What is the process for distributing assets to beneficiaries, and how can I ensure that it is done in a timely and efficient manner?

  11. How will I deal with any disputes or disagreements among beneficiaries?

  12. What steps should I take to ensure that the estate or trusts’ assets are properly insured?

  13. How should I handle any real estate that is outside of Pennsylvania? 

  14. What is the process for terminating the trust or winding down the estate, and how can I make sur that it is done in a timely and efficient manner?

  15. What is the procedure for distributing assets to minors or individuals with special needs, and how can I ensure that their interests are protected?

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