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Elder Law & Life Care Planning Process

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Anderson Elder Law, Life Care Planning

The 14 Essential Questions to Get You Started

  1. Why is Life Care Planning as an Elder Care model different and better than traditional estate planning or elder law practices?

  2. How can I collaborate with healthcare professionals and other members of the care team to develop a personalized care plan?

  3. What should I do not to protect my assets while planning for long-term care needs?

  4. Can you assist in developing a plan to meet the eligibility criteria for Medicaid while preserving assets?

  5. Can you help me navigate the complex rules for Veterans Administration Aid & Attendance Program? 

  6. Even if I am healthy but aging, are there things I can do now to proactively protect certain assets from long-term care expenses?

  7. How can I optimize my Medicare and health insurance coverage? 

  8. Should I be moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

  9. How should I use the long-term care insurance that I have?

  10. As an agent under a Financial or Health Care Power of Attorney, how can I begin my work?

  11. I have just received a serious diagnosis, how can I make sure I plan to manage my medical, financial, and legal needs?

  12. My parent is being discharged from a hospital and I need to find a nursing home?!

  13. I want to protect my house from long-term care, should I sell my house to my children for $1?

  14. How can I as an aging parent of a special needs adult child take care of me and them?

Anderson Elder Law
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