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Lauren Wallace

Client Services Coordinator

Lauren Wallace

Lauren Wallace is the firm’s Client Services Coordinator responsible for conducting intake calls with prospective new clients. She has over 25 years experience in customer service and management.  Her belief that everyone should be treated equally and with respect and grace helps drive our firm to create lasting relationships with our clients through generations.

Education: Associates Degree Marketing, Art Institute of Philadelphia

Certifications and Licenses:  Certificate in International Business and Cultures, Regent’s College in London, England

Volunteer Activities: CCF Volunteer

What I am best at solving for my clients: I am a good listener and strive to understand the concerns of people who call the office and ease their anxiety.

What I love most about Anderson Elder Law:  Our Team.  Diverse, transparent, honest, hardworking, and dedicated

What I enjoy when I am not working: 

Time with my family.