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Why You Need to Work with a Pennsylvania Certified Elder Law Attorney

If you are searching for elder law attorneys online, you should choose a Pennsylvania certified elder law attorney (CELA). Elder law attorneys undergo certification through the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), which is the only national organization that independently certifies special needs and elder law practitioners. Only lawyers who have met the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s requirements for certification can call themselves certified in elder law in Pennsylvania.

Certified Elder Law Attorneys Are Specialists

A CELA has in-depth knowledge and experience of those legal issues that affect the disabled and elderly. To qualify for certification, attorneys must pass their certification test and practice elder law at least 16 hours a week. Certification is not the only step; CELAs must also keep up changes and improve their proficiency by taking continuing education courses. When you select a certified elder law attorney, you can rest assured that you are working with a skilled specialist.

Certified Attorneys Are Committed to Elder Law

When you choose a certified elder law attorney, you also know you’re represented by someone committed to the legal issues that affect you. When you retain Anderson Elder Law, you benefit from working with two certified elder law attorneys. Our attorneys have decades of experience and are two of approximately 75 certified elder law attorneys in the state.

Certified Elder Lawyers Understand the Unique Issues Elders Face

Having a professional specialist in elder law on your side means you’re working with someone who understands our older population’s unique needs. Certified elder law attorneys are more than legal authorities; they know how to get the private and public services and resources that our elders need. Senior citizens and disabled parties have unique needs that lawyers who practice in other areas don’t necessarily understand.

Some issues that are important to senior citizens can include:

-Employment and retirement;
-Long-term care;
-Housing and insurance; and
-Neglect, abuse, or exploitation.

What Questions to Ask at Your Consultation

Finding the right elder law attorney is essential. Once you explain your situation and the reason for needing legal assistance, it’s vital to ask targeted questions. Their answers will help you determine which attorney is right for you. Some questions to consider asking include:

-How long will it take to resolve my case? Is there any alternative action I can take?
-Have you handled any similar issues in the past? If so, how did the matter resolve?
-How long have you been practicing elder law? When did you obtain your elder law certification?
-Will you be the attorney assigned to my case, or will someone else be handling it?
-What are your billing rates, and how do you bill clients?
-Do I need to consider an involuntary guardianship? If so, how does that work?

Contact Our Certified Elder Law Attorneys Today

If you are searching for an elder law lawyer in Pennsylvania, let our experienced legal team help. To learn more about what our certified elder law attorneys can do for you, contact Anderson Elder Law today to schedule an initial consultation.